Cost Recovery Solutions LLC. Cost Segregation Services

You’ve just bought or constructed a multifamily property in the heart of Manhattan. What are the tax implications of your purchase? Well, if you are like some savvy multifamily owners, you know that a cost segregation study can save you thousands on your taxes and you call your accountant right away to get one performed. […]

The September 2016 IRS Capitalization of Tangible Property Audit Techniques Guide Update  In the latest installment of the Audit Techniques Guide for Capitalization of Tangible Property, the IRS tightens the guidelines for cost segregation studies by looking closer at how any past and present studies are performed. The time is now to make sure you […]

A cost segregation proposal can enhance your sales package by showing your client an added benefit of the sale. Cost segregation is a combination of tax-accounting and engineering that reclassifies select IRS-approved assets in a commercial property.  Assets like carpeting, lighting, and decorative wall coverings (see a full list here) can be deprecated at either a 5,7, or 15 […]

See how CRS saved an apartment owner over $1,000,000 on their taxes. Cash flow is one of the most important parts of owning and operating a successful rental business. How can you augment your current cash flow? Depreciation maximization by way of an expert cost segregation study can help you increase your cash flow and […]