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Benefits of Cost Segregation for Commercial Real Estate Owners

Increase Your Return on Investment

Reduce Federal & State Taxes

Optimize Depreciation Deductions

Increase Your Cash Flow

Many real estate owners have recently discovered the benefits of utilizing cost segregation studies to increase the cash flow and return on investment of their property or portfolio. A cost segregation study can be performed on new construction or acquisition or a retroactive study can be done on properties that have been owned up to 15 years without amending tax returns. CRS can sit down with you and your accountant to discuss the benefits of performing a cost segregation study on your building and how much tax savings is available to you.

The chart below illustrates the financial benefits of performing a cost segregation study on a sample $5M office building and reclassifying 20% of the qualifying assets to a shorter life.

Are you a real estate broker or agent?

Cost Recovery Solutions can provide a model of benefits to be included in your commercial property listing, allowing your client to see the added benefit of a study before the sale.

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