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Cost segregation: Tax savings through accelerated depreciation by the experts at Cost Recovery Solutions LLC.

A cost segregation study and analysis from CRS can save you money on your taxes.

Cost segregation is an IRS approved tax strategy that generates increased cash flow by maximizing the depreciation of specific building assets within a commercial real estate building. By placing personal property and land improvements on an accelerated depreciation schedule per IRS guidelines, a cost segregation study can unlock additional tax saving hiding in your building. As an example, if your building’s cost is $1 million tax savings are typically upwards of $40,000. On a $5M building, the average tax savings are at least $200,000.

Based in New Jersey, Cost Recovery Solutions LLC is a nationwide company providing cost segregation studies and analysis. 

With cost segregation as our primary business, we provide the expertise to execute all of our studies in-house with clients having the opportunity to speak with the person directly responsible for your study at any time during the project process. Our construction engineers have extensive experience in both tangible asset appraisal and real estate accounting. Our business is built on trust and when you engage us to implement a cost segregation study for you or your client, you can be assured that what we deliver will be thorough and professional. Click here to see why numerous world-class accountants and real estate investors have already chosen CRS for cost segregation services again and again.

As a CPA, would you like to help your clients save more on their taxes?

Your goal is to guide your on their taxes. Our goal is to help you do that. See how you can help your clients and stay one step ahead of your competition by using CRS for cost segregation services.

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From apartment buildings to restaurants to hotels to auto dealerships, find out more about depreciation and how a cost segregation study can put money back in your pocket.

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